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The iconic elements of the G-Class.

A Mercedes-Benz G-Class in the forest
A Mercedes-Benz G-Class in the forest

The G-Class has always remained true to its values since it was first launched in 1979. Iconic elements ensure that the current off-roader is still recognisable today as the direct heir to the first G model. Discover its special features and background!

Everything in view.

The installation of the relatively large indicators on the mudguards was quite common in the commercial vehicle segment in the past - and was not initially a unique selling point of the G-Class. And yet they have always characterised its striking appearance and have, over the years, become an iconic design element that has not changed.

The indicator of a Mercedes-Benz G-Class
The indicator of a Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Good to know: the term "indicator" is colloquial - the correct, albeit somewhat unwieldy, designation is "direction indicator". In addition to indicating the direction of travel, the turn signals on the G-Class also have another use – to this day, the positioning of the indicators, which have been continuously developed in terms of material and luminosity, helps with orientation. G-Class drivers can use them to tell where the front of the vehicle ends. This is a big help especially when parking and driving off-road. To better protect vulnerable road users in potential collisions, they are attached to a plastic frame and, since the extensive model update in 2018, can sink downwards in the event of an accident.

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A Mercedes-Benz G-Class in the forest

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