Unfiltered Finland

With the G-Class through the Wild Taiga.

An off-road vehicle icon and two creative minds. Together, they traverse the wilderness of Finland and discover the most remote roads in the middle of an absolutely fascinating – because completely untouched — nature.

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Konsta Punkka next to a Mercedes-Benz G-Class in front of a sea
Konsta Punkka next to a Mercedes-Benz G-Class in front of a sea

The Wild Taiga, an off-road vehicle icon and two creative minds – optimal conditions for a unique road trip. And so Konsta Punkka and Oliver Astrologo experienced countless unforgettable moments on a ten-day trip in a G-Class.

Breathtaking adventure.

Immerse yourself in the outdoor experience with the G-Class and discover Finland's Wild Taiga from extraordinary, individual perspectives.

A Mercedes-Benz G-Class on a country road
A Mercedes-Benz G-Class on a country road

On the road with Konsta Punkka

Finland in focus.

A special view of Finland: Finnish photographer Konsta Punkka and Italian filmmaker Oliver Astrologo embark on a breathtaking "Content Creation Tour" through the untouched nature of Finland.

Closer to nature.

Impressions of paradise.

A Mercedes-Benz G-Class driving
A Mercedes-Benz G-Class driving

Closer to nature.

Punkka sets his viewfinder on Finland's "Big Five": Wolf, brown bear, moose, lynx, and wolverine. The result: an impressive series of close-ups.

Shortest way to nowhere.

... and deserted off-road areas, criss-crossed by crystal clear rivers and lakes.

Face to face with the beast.

"Sometimes I spend days and weeks in the nature of my home country and get to know the animals around me more intensively each time. The G-Class was the perfect partner for this." – Konsta Punkka

two brown bears in the wild nature
two brown bears in the wild nature

Nature in focus. Join photographer Konsta Punkka as he works with his camera amidst breathtaking nature somewhere in the Finnish taiga.

Konsta Punkka in interview

No limits with the "G".

Finns are generally considered to be rather taciturn. This is not necessarily true for Konsta – at least not in our interview. No wonder, as his everyday life is one big adventure – and he has a lot to tell us about it ...
To the interview
Konsta Punkka whilst photographing

Strong DNA. Strong stories. What makes the G-Class a legend? It is the many stories it tells. They are part of its unique DNA. A DNA – stronger than time.

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