Iconic models

Highlights of the G-Class history.

In the long and successful history of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, certain models stand out. We present the most spectacular milestones – true icons of the G-Class!

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Historical models of Mercedes-Benz G-Class
Historical models of Mercedes-Benz G-Class

From Pioneer to Power-G: the 40-year history of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is rich in unforgettable moments. Join us on our foray into the milestone fleet.

With the G, Mercedes-Benz broke new ground in 1979. On one hand, it’s designed as a highly capable off-road vehicle perfect for leisure time, but on the other hand it’s also made for tough everyday and work use. Its talents and qualities have been proven time and time again over more than 40 years in an extremely impressive way.

The Pioneer: The G with a “heavenly” start.

The G 1979 set new standards with the previously unknown combination of outstanding off-road talents and a high level of driving comfort. Pope John Paul II, who from 1980 onwards used the G as a “Popemobile” for two decades, was also convinced of this. Thanks to the 40 centimetre raised floor and the glass dome stretching over it, the Holy Father is able to stay close to his faithful followers when immersed in a crowd – even in the most remote places. It is not known how many of them also became G disciples as a result…

“Popemobile” based on the Mercedes-Benz 230 G
“Popemobile” based on the Mercedes-Benz 230 G

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Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Showcar G 63 AMG 6x6

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The development of the „G“

Developers of the G-Class with two prototypes of the vehicle in the desert.

In the desert with the prototype.

In the desert with the prototype: in 1978, two G-Class development vehicles faced their first tests. See photos of the original “G” during test drives in the Sahara and witness the birth of the legend.