New campaign for the unparalleled longevity of the G-Class

“Immortal Love”: a cinematic journey with the G-Class into the world of vampires

A vampire posing in front of a G-Class
A vampire posing in front of a G-Class

Stuttgart. Timeless design, legendary capabilities, and iconic status: for over 40 years, the G-Class has defied every short-lived trend. It is indeed “Stronger than time.” Mercedes-Benz is highlighting this unique longevity with a new campaign. The centrepiece is the eight-minute film “Immortal Love” with the message: a car that impresses with endurance deserves drivers who live forever. “Immortal Love” is a cinematic journey featuring international rising star Rimon into a fantasy universe of sub-mortal beings – the world of vampires. The film debuts today, Valentine's Day. In parallel with the campaign, Mercedes-Benz has opened a new, exclusive meeting place and experience space for the growing G-Class community worldwide: the G Class Private Lounge. All “G” enthusiasts can now share their passion with each other. There they can gain insights into everything to do with the off-road vehicle icon as well as the new campaign. They will also find direct contacts to G-Class experts and invitations to events.

“The G-Class has evolved continuously over more than 40 years but has consistently retained its unmistakable character. Its DNA shapes the zeitgeist – as does its fascination and the loyalty of its fans. The G-Class has always been geared towards state-of-the-art technology, so it is only natural that we are now leading our “G” into the age of electric mobility,” says Dr. Emmerich Schiller, CEO Mercedes-Benz G GmbH and Head of the Off-Road Vehicle Product Division at Mercedes-Benz AG.

“We’ve created a progressive film world in which vampires from all eras meet G-Classes from the last 40 years – a unique cast that unites all decades and model series. In this way, we are memorialising the incomparable longevity of our agile off-road icon,” adds Bettina Fetzer, Vice President Communications and Marketing at Mercedes-Benz AG.

The campaign with the claim of “For those who live forever: The immortal G-Class”The campaign film “Immortal Love” illustrates the conflict between two worlds that could not be more different. And it shows a love that overcomes these divides. This motif is staged as a modern interpretation of the story of Romeo and Juliet. In it, Rimon, a singer/songwriter born in Eritrea and raised in the Netherlands, plays a globally celebrated star rapper who leads a double life. On the one hand, there is her love for the young, naive music journalist Nathan, who is hopelessly infatuated with her. On the other hand, there is glamour, excess and her thirst for the eccentric-wild life.

A neon orange Mercedes-Benz G-Class in fog with its headlights on
A neon orange Mercedes-Benz G-Class in fog with its headlights on

In addition to the eight-minute main film, the 360-degree campaign includes several cutdowns and various stills for social media channels, which are used on a channel-specific basis and enriched by a variety of specially shot social media formats.

Further credits:
•    Agency: antoni garage is responsible for the idea, concept and implementation of the campaign
•    Production company: ANORAK Film GmbH; Director: Sebastian Strasser
•    Photography: Antonio Afonso

The new G-Class Private Lounge: a digital meeting place for all G-Class fans

Launched at the end of January, the G-Class Private Lounge is the new digital meeting place for G-Class customers and fans from all over the world. It is the centre for everything that has defined the fascination of the G-Class for decades: boundless freedom, expressive passion, and unforgettable adventures on asphalt or far off the beaten track. The Private Lounge offers exclusive content on the iconic off-road vehicle – from the latest news to extraordinary stories, background information, portraits and interviews to unique events and a discussion platform.  

“To transfer the spirit of the G-Class from the G-Class Experience Centre into the digital cosmos, we have set up the G-Class Private Lounge,” says Dr. Emmerich Schiller. “With it, we want to offer G-Class owners, potential customers and admirers of our cult off-roader a platform to share their passion and exchange ideas. In this way, we create an emotional, digital world of experience around the G-Class brand and thus strengthen brand loyalty.”

A variety of Mercedes-Benz G-classes in the darkness with their headlights on
A variety of Mercedes-Benz G-classes in the darkness with their headlights on

Even without registering, visitors to the G-Class Private Lounge can immerse themselves in the world of the cult vehicle and find out about the latest news. Anyone who creates a Mercedes me ID with their e-mail address and registers – free of charge and without obligation – receives access to exclusive content. This currently includes, for example, “Strong Stories” about breath-taking expeditions, spectacular models or extraordinary G-Class owners. There is also an interview with Robert Lesnik, Head of Exterior Design, on the Concept EQG and background reports on the NF-G Challenge, in which five international NFT artists reinterpreted the iconic G-Class. Registered members also have access to a download area with bonus material such as wallpapers, ringtones and photo filters from cooperating photographers to take their own G Class photos to the next level. Subscribers also enjoy priority booking for off-road and lifestyle events. Owners of a G-Class who store the vehicle identification number in their profile area also receive access to the G-Class Private Lounge Forum. Here they can exchange information with each other and get in touch with the Mercedes-Benz G-Class Private Lounge team.

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